my name is Tao Winterpaw, owner and founder of Winterpaw Productions.

As many furries, so do I work in the information technology sector as a senior system administrator for a large international company.

I hope you enjoy you stay on my homepage and feel free to contact me anytime on my social media accounts.




My technology biased journey started in the late 80’s when I was still a little cub. As soon as I started walking, my interest for Computers and technology started to grow. In my early years I started screwing around with old IBM 386 systems, from changing parts, soldering memory, bios and other chips around to SCSCI and other things no-one from today will ever heard of.


In the mid 90’s I could get my paws on one of the first digital cameras around, the Fujifilm DX7 which further sparked my creative and multimedia interests. Later my journey would take me to my first DSLR Camera, the Canon EOS 350d, once you go DSLR you never go back. My cameras over the next almost 20 years went from the EOS 350d to the Canon EOS 650d and finally my last DSLR model, the Canon EOS 7d Mark II.

In 2023 I fulfilled a dream of mine and switched to a brand new full format 1″ sensor mirrorless Canon EOS R5.


While my photographic interest started to grow, so did my interest in music and music technology, from Sony Walkman’s to portable CD players and even Mini Disk’s. In the late 90’s I started with music sampling and playing around with Fast- and Protracker music software and loads of samplers and other audio software.


The year 2000 came and I got bored with music sampling and started to let it slide a bit in favor of my photographic skills and interests.

By 2007 I bought a Hercules USB DJ console just for fun, which led me down the slippery slope of learning how to DJ, I soon outgrew the basic Hercules console and went on to bigger and better USB consoles and hardware.

In the upcoming years I DJ’ed at several furry events around Europe, including Eurofurence, Nordic Furdance, Furrave NL and other events, soon this even expanded to spinning at a friends weddings, bachelor parties or company events.

A few years back my old music sampling interests also started to come back, this time manifesting in a combination of software and hardware based music production, using hardware which can also be used in live DJ performances.

Today after selling my standalone Pioneer XDJ-RX1 DJ system, since it was heavy, huge and hard to carry around, I settled for a notebook setup with the Pioneer DDJ-1000.

For music production and live performance sampling it lead to the dynamic duo of the Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 combined with the Pioneer Toraiz AS-1.